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Getting Started with Facebook Ads

It is one of the best way to promote your Business. After being clubbed with Instagram and Whatsapp it has became more powerful. It has become easy to get in touch with potential client / customers. Though its not easy to run a successful campaign. You really need some experienced advertiser or devote your time to understand its working and make your ad campaign carefully. If managed properly it can give you good result at less cost.

Initially it may take time but give it some time and run. It is totally based on algorithm. So, in order to perform better it needs data. After it collects the data and analyze on its result. It further optimize the campaign and start performing better. Performance also matters based on Ads relevancy and contents on Ad, it is enough to attract audience. Below are few important things you need to consider

  1. Choose your objective / goals.
  2. Select for awareness.
  3. Consideration.
  4. Conversion.
  5. Install facebook pixel for better result.
  6. Define audience & budget.
  7. Choose Ad placement.
  8. have creative with less text on it.
  9. Compelling Headlines.

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