We are aCreative Design & Digital MarketingCompany

Genexis Studio is a strategic Branding, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing Company for Digital Marketing Services and Digital Marketing Training based in Bangalore, India. We help a wide range of businesses strengthen their brand identity and help grow their business with Digital Marketing Services realize a greater awareness and demand for their offerings. It helps candidates to learn Digital Marketing with live projects.
Digital Marketing Company

We are aCreative Design & MarketingAgency


Genexis Studio is a strategic Branding, Marketing & Graphic Design studio based in Bangalore, India. We help a wide range of businesses by strengthen their brand identity & realize a greater awareness and demand for their offerings. We serve business to establish a communication strategy for their brands to thrust brand’s equity & increase their recall value.

Digital Marketing Company

Our Visions

Genexis Studio is a strategic branding & Digital Marketing Company with a focus on accountability, transparency, collaboration, education and delivering meaningful results for our clients.

Integrity, Trust & Transparency

We take care of all confidential information, data, ideas in work, upcoming launches & everything that matters, as our own.

Embrace Change & Innovate

We keep team's knowledge up to date, so what our clients will get is always supported by case-studies & latest industry trends.

Quality Beyond Limits

We experiment with all the expectations of our deliverables as per client's requirements in the best purposeful way possible.

Result Oriented Mindset

We always keep the purpose of work in center-focus in everything we work & deliver, with future scalability, seamlessness & growth mindset.

Get to KnowOur Team

mukesh kumar digital marketing

Mukesh Kumar

Co-Founder & CEO

Ashish Sharma

Founder & Consultant

Ashutosh Tripathy

VP Of Marketing and Sales
Seema Sharma Bangalore Graphics Designer Genexis Studio

Seema Sharma

Senior Graphics Designer

…with a team of 12+ & continuously growing…!!

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